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Pour La Mère was the best gift I've ever received postpartum. The  meals I had were some of the best food I've ever tasted, hands down. Not to mention, the chef is one of the most incredible women inside and out. 
Her creations were fresh, beautiful and so appetizing which was a big deal for me, because typically postpartum I don't have much of a desire to eat food.
Thanks to Courtney & Pour La Mère, I stayed healthy, energized, satisfied and my milk supply was amazing (something I really struggle with). I highly recommend working with Pour La Mère for yourself or any new mother. I cannot think of a more thoughtful or caring gift for a mama!

Lauren Akins

I’ve had 5 babies, which means 5 postpartum experiences. They’ve all been different and good in their own ways, but the last one was leaps and bounds beyond the rest. I can attribute that to a few things: my mindset, intentionality about rest, and right there on the top, choosing to work with Courtney at Pour La Mere.
It was by far the best decision I made for my postpartum experience. The delight of having such a joyful human in my home a couple of times per week cooking up the BEST SMELLS was it’s own bright spot. But the comfort of knowing that there was a fridge full of nourishing, delicious soups, stews, snacks, porridges, teas, broths and more was even more incredible.  In that season, you really need an easy button. But that can often lead to poor choices. Trust me, I know! But with Courtney’s meals, everything was helpful for my recovery and nourishing to my body, while also being delicious and comforting to my soul. It was such a gift, and I am so grateful for the experience!

Francesca Goodwin

Knowing that my healing was a priority, I knew I wouldn’t be able to nourish myself while taking care of a newborn. Even having a stash of freezer foods prepared, I wanted the fullness of all pour la mere had to offer, including teas, broths, etc. All the extra things I didn’t have time to prepare for prior nor would have had time once our baby arrived!
The time I didn’t have to spend cooking, cleaning and nourishing myself went straight to time spent bonding with my baby. Which in turn allowed me to rest and recover. Which impacted my emotions, hormones, healing, sleep, milk supply, etc etc. I feel like it was tied to everything positive in my postpartum experience.
It was hands down the best postpartum decision that we could have made. My husband agrees. Not only was the food divine, the entire experience was amazing. Take care of yourself first and everything else will fall into place. When you feel nourished physically, it trickles over into the emotional and even spiritual aspects of life. The time period following the birth of a baby is a time when it is nearly impossible to take care of yourself by yourself. You need to be taken care of so that you can be all you can be for your new baby and family.
Let Pour La Mère do that for you.

Tara Miller

Hiring Courtney/Pour La Mere is one of the best decisions a new mom can make. She was nothing short of amazing and such a huge relief for me and my family while we adjusted to life with twins.
Knowing that all my nutritional needs were taken care of allowed me to focus on taking care of my babies and myself.  My twins came early and even though our time together hadn’t started, she made sure I had the resources available to feel nourished until we were able to start.  She even dropped off some goodies to help as well.
Courtney was flexible and worked with me throughout her entire time with us. She was also such a delight to be in our kitchen. I always looked forward to the conversations we would have and the warm meal she would provide while she was there. I find myself constantly craving all the delicious meals and snacks that she served. I wish I could have her wonderful food and drinks all the time! I will definitely be hiring her again if we have any more kids and am so thankful for the friendship that I now have.

Callie Bartz

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