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nourishment for the mother

What if it could be easy?

You’ve spent months preparing to bring a new life into the world with thought, care and loving intentionality. After all is said and done, those priorities fade as all focus shifts to this new life you brought into the world  - and understandably so! But how are you going to find time and energy to nourish yourself? Rest? Recover?

Now let’s imagine another scenario…one where the wisdom cultivated from centuries of global postpartum culture is made accessible and applicable to your life today. The healing practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Latin American countries and beyond are distilled down and their wisdom applied to you - a new mother who has undergone nearly a year of body-altering, life-changing transformation.

These traditions encourage taking time to recover, recharge and nurture the bond between mother and child and what they all share in common is specific nourishment through food.

Allow me to facilitate that and prioritize your healing and nourishment so that you don’t need to.

Restore your body, mind and soul so you can, in turn, share it with your loved ones.


Newborn Baby


For centuries, ancient traditions around the world have set aside the "fourth trimester" as a sacred time for rest, recovery, support and specific nourishment for a new mother. It is only in recent cultural practices that we have left this tradition by the wayside.



You will receive specific care tailored to your needs under the umbrella of traditional maternal nourishment. Replenishing dishes that adhere to the rules of warm, soft foods, supplemented by herbs, teas and micronutrients that a new mother needs.



Pour La Mère is not a meal delivery service, but a custom care protocol and personal chef experience. As a new mother you deserve to rest, recover and reinforce your bond with your child, so my goal is to cover logistics that would take you away from that. 

We will meet prior to your due date to work through details and establish a routine that fits best within your schedule. Once the baby arrives, I'll be in your kitchen 2 days a week for the first 6 weeks, filling your fridge with everything your body needs as it finds its new normal. 

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