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Through generations, cultures around the world have revered the postpartum period as a time to surround the mother with support in every way, especially through food. Drawing upon those traditions, warm, nourishing and simple foods and tonics are chosen to aid mothers in recovery by optimizing digestion, supporting lactation (if the mother is breastfeeding), stabilizing the mood and promoting metabolic function. Overall, the goal is to help the body recover, refuel, and rediscover its natural energy and rhythm by using food as medicine.


Freeing you up from having to provide for your basic nourishment and recovery needs, your family can focus on each other - nurturing your connection with this new life and bonding as a growing family.


No matter how much you prepare, you can't fully prepare for the toll childbirth takes emotionally and physically. This period of self-care and gentle recovery should be one in which you are able to partner with your body's design to help it function optimally. Recovering and tending to baby and self is more than enough. Embrace peace of mind knowing that what you are eating is tailored to your body's needs in this phase.

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