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Complete Care Package

+ I'll be in your home two days a week, cooking and leaving a clean kitchen and the fridge full of everything you need.  I like to think of myself as the “food fairy” - I’m happy to come and go without you ever knowing about it, but I am also more than happy to make you a hot meal upon arrival, bring you tea, or hold baby if you need to shower. Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, broth and snack for each day of your postpartum care.

+ Pre-delivery I come meet with you and we go over all the logistics of food storage, entrance to the home, layout of the kitchen, etc. so that when the time comes, I won’t have to come to you with any questions and the transition can be seamless.

+ After baby arrives I begin my service schedule - as detailed above, two days a week, supplying all you need for your specific nourishment (increased serving-size to accommodate other family members is an additional fee that can be discussed if desired).

+ The duration of this service is available for either a 4-week period or a 6-week period. The ancient postpartum traditions have various specified lengths of time for postpartum care, so you choose what works best for you and your family.

Cost Available Upon Inquiry

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Virtual Consultations

One of the hardest parts of being passionate about postpartum nourishment is that we can't be EVERYWHERE to take care of EVERYONE! This is our way of doing that. 

A virtual consultation gifts you with the ability to learn about postpartum nourishment in a one-on-one capacity with Courtney Whitsett, Certified Natural Chef and creator of Pour La Mère. Together we will build the specific support system you need in your own context.

We're happy to meet with the mama-to-be, but also love to meet with support systems such as partners, grandmas-to-be, aunties or even a group of friends who wants to know how to care for their friends well in the season of recovery.

What You Get:

1-hr Consultation Video Call

Two 7-Day Meal Plan Guides

5 Original Recipes

*Optional follow-up emails*

Cost: $175


First Week Foundations

First Week Foundations supplies mama with all she needs for optimal healing, nourishment and balance in the first week postpartum.

I come to your home and spend one full day cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner, broths, teas and snacks to last 4 days,

leaving you with a full fridge and clean kitchen. 

Included: Pre-delivery consultation to meet,

go over kitchen layout, home entry, food storage 

and learn your preferences/dietary restrictions.

Cost: $600


Nourishment Needs

Delivered to your door in the first week postpartum. 

Includes: Postpartum Power Broth, tea (with specific healing, uterus-toning, lactation-promoting benefits), ghee-soaked dates

and self-massage oil (an ayurvedic postpartum care ritual for grounding and self-care).

All organic ingredients, packaged in glass for your keeping!

Cost: $125